Looking Back On 2019

Hey Y'all! I have been enjoying a 2 week vacation (which, sad to say is almost over) and let me tell you...It has been glorious! I gave myself the first week to do absolutely NOTHING. I have been indulging in sweets and binge watching Letterkenny and The First 48. I think the last time I did this … Continue reading

A Few Weeks Later…

Happy Fall Y’all! I have been trying to write this blog post for a month. ONE MONTH. First things first...After talking to my therapist and finally finding a good primary care Doctor, I was diagnosed with moderate depression. This is good news y’all!!!! I knew this was coming and it … Continue reading

Goodbye, Tampa

Y’all… Little did I know, back in June of 2015, that moving to Florida would CHANGE EVERYTHING. I remember making the 1600 plus mile drive from the country in Northeastern PA to Tampa.  I packed Lily and all of my belongings in my truck and said goodbye to the little one stoplight … Continue reading