Looking Back On 2019

Hey Y’all!

I have been enjoying a 2 week vacation (which, sad to say is almost over) and let me tell you…It has been glorious! I gave myself the first week to do absolutely NOTHING. I have been indulging in sweets and binge watching Letterkenny and The First 48. I think the last time I did this and disconnected from work was LAST year at this time! I am fortunate to work for an amazing firm that closes from Christmas Eve through New Years Day so everyone can rest, recharge, and get ready to rock and roll for the second half of the fiscal year.

If I had to describe 2019 in one word, it would be that it was wild.  Many of you know I left my second home (Tampa) when I got a promotion at work and moved to Texas last January. I cannot believe it has been almost a full year that I’ve been here. Where has the time gone? To say it’s been an adjustment is putting it mildly. Dallas is nothing like Tampa! I miss the beach, my friends, and how laidback everyone is. Dallas is fast paced, nowhere near the beach, and the storms are INSANE!! The thunder and lightning and hail are no joke. Texas is also a huge state! Everywhere pretty much requires a 20-25 minute drive, and that’s without traffic (which is rare).

I’ve grown a lot this past year, professionally. I’ve made some amazing friends who really make going to the office a joy. I got to travel to Mexico City for a training that I was a part of. I’ve made a ton of new relationships within the firm that have really forced me out of my comfort zone. I keep asking myself, “what’s next?”, but I feel content and ready to conquer what’s next.

Personally, this year has been…interesting.  I moved to Tampa by myself so moving to Texas wasn’t any different. I made a lot of friends in Tampa but not so much here. I feel like many “millenials” would agree with me that making friends and dating, the older you get, are SO HARD.  Most of the friends I’ve made have been through work and they are all married or have kids.  I am a homebody and I really like to spend time by myself, which doesn’t help when you’re trying to make friends!

Dating has also been…interesting.  Dallas has a very diverse and open population.  Tinder and Bumble are just entertainment anymore and I hop on there when I’m bored.  I’ve learned that nobody is perfect and everyone has ghosts that haunt them from their past.  Be picky about who you give your time to and DON’T SETTLE.

I ended up moving in May because my apartment was on the side of our complex that faced a super noisy street.  In addition to the traffic, the streetcar ran every 20 minutes from 5:30 am to midnight.  I moved across the hall to a unit that faces the pool and is much bigger.  Even though it’s more money, it’s quieter and my view is amazing!

Many of you may or may not know that I was diagnosed with depression earlier this year.  I FINALLY had answers to why I felt so tired and why I could barely get out of bed every day.  I knew I didn’t feel right and with some therapy and medication, I am feeling more and more like myself.  If there’s one piece of advice I could give anyone, it’s that it’s ok to not feel ok and more importantly, it’s ok to get help!


My sweet sweet Lily, who had been by my side for 15 years, passed away on Halloween from her kidney disease and newly diagnosed cancer.
She was with me through so many good and bad times. Graduating college, moving to my own apartment, various job changes, marriage, divorce, the birth of my nieces, and moving not once, but twice, halfway across the country from home in PA.










After she passed away, my house felt SO empty.  It just felt weird knowing I didn’t have to rush home to feed her or check on her.  I told myself I wasn’t going to get another cat for awhile but life had other plans.











I stumbled upon this guy when I visited the Humane Society of Dallas.  Originally, I was going to adopt his Sister but this guy was so loving towards me and he stole my heart!  I think he’s about 6-9 months old, which means he is in the kitten stage (and it’s rough, y’all).  He is up all night and is super super hyper!  I have had many sleepless nights in the past 1.5 months and my new wake up time is anywhere from 3:30 am to 5:30 am.  I keep telling myself it’s worth it because he now has a loving home outside of the shelter.

Looking ahead to 2020, all I can say is I’m ready.  I’m making a list of things I want to accomplish and putting it in plain sight so that I can work towards those goals EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This year is going to be the best year yet for myself, my career, and my LIFE.  I am going to be a better person, inside and out!

I wish you all nothing but love, growth, health, and happiness for 2020.  Be yourself, be authentic, and be kind.  Do some good in this world!

I leave you with this…

“You gotta love the life you live and live the life you love”

Happy New Year!






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